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Professional fence pile driver production enterprises!

Service line:



Welcome calls from related industries, we will work with you in good faith to seek common development and common development! We sincerely welcome new and old friends to call us for inquiries and guidance!
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Product name:GL-380 Drilling and Drilling Machine

Updated:2020-07-21 09:19:07

Product Details

Pile driver parameters

The various series of pile driver steels of Xuzhou Gaili Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. are all made of impact-resistant and tough Q345 material. This manganese plate material is not easy to deform. The main beam and track of the pile driver are special thickened profiles, and the structure is shaped. It is more stable, and the work efficiency is higher when customers use it.

Power configuration: Changchai 490 38-kilowatt 52-horsepower diesel engine with reasonable power and superior performance provides a powerful source of power for construction operations. The reliability of power and fuel economy have been greatly improved.

Hydraulic pressure system: Advanced hydraulic pressure system, high-quality hydraulic components and strict assembly process to ensure the durability of the hydraulic system.

Modeling design: The overall frame is well-structured and the materials are completely national standard. High strength, good stability, in line with the design ideas of industrial beauty, the operator's working space is more spacious.

Production process: The production process is more reasonable, the wear-resistant parts are all heat treated, the process is rigorous, the overall stress relief treatment of the frame connection, reduces deformation, and the testing equipment is perfect.

After-sales service: Professional after-sales technicians guide the construction work for free on site (domestic), and it will be in place within 36 hours nationwide, so that you can worry-free after-sales!

Exclusive customization: support individual customization, install various new technologies and new functions, and provide you with a complete construction solution.

One-button start, hydraulic assist, hydraulic self-locking, precise drilling


The equipment uses a high-power four-cylinder diesel engine to provide a strong power guarantee for the entire construction. Power reliability and fuel economy have been greatly improved.


The one-button start of the engine provides the quality service of the pile driver.


Use hydraulic power steering device to realize light steering operation


Optimized four-wheel disc brake system to ensure the accuracy of construction positioning


Detachable pile puller provides customers with another option for later selection

※Hydraulic self-locking

The hydraulic self-locking cylinders of the left and right swing arms are added with double insurance in the hydraulic system


Drilling device with guide, solve the problem of shaking of drilling


Optimal accessories, raw materials, standardized production process. Provide customers with satisfactory service

All-in-one introduction

The all-in-one hydraulic drilling machine in our factory does not need an air compressor for drilling and does not need to replace the head. The technology is prioritized in the domestic industry.

After years of painstaking research and testing, our factory succeeded in trial production in 2019.

1 National invention patent technology. (No forklift labor cost)

2. Reject the high cost of purchasing air compressors separately for pneumatic drilling, saving you money. (Ordinary 12m3 screw air compressor sells for 60,000-80,000 yuan)

3. Light weight, high efficiency, 60% energy saving than traditional air compressor. (The fuel consumption of the 12m3 screw air compressor 75KW/hour is 15-19L. Based on 10 hours/day, it can save you 500-600 yuan/day, and easily save you tens of thousands of yuan)

4. Convenient maintenance, saving you maintenance costs, durable and not squeamish. (The 12m3 screw air compressor will be maintained every 2000 hours or 3 months, each time a small guarantee is about 1,000 yuan, and a large guarantee ranges from 3000-5000)

5. Convenient transportation, the whole machine is 3.6 meters long X 2.2 meters wide X 2.6 meters, and it can be transported by trolley without the need to haul the air compressor separately.

6. Reduce the inconvenience of dragging and transporting the air compressor during the construction process, eliminating the need for ordinary piling machines, and drilling piles require repeated replacement of the manpower and material resources of the machine head. (Ordinary piling machine is towing the air compressor behind the car during construction. Every time the piling is drilled, the machine head needs to be replaced. The replacement time is long, the weight is large, the height is high, and the replacement takes at least half an hour each time)

7. Wheeled self-propelled, stable chassis, stable output power, more flexible than loader-type pile drivers. (Suitable for domestic security projects and construction in remote mountainous areas)

8. It adopts full hydraulic pressure, which is different from the integrated pneumatic drilling of loader and air compressor. Not only the price is only one third of the price, but the construction efficiency is doubled. (Loading-body piling machines are priced from 200,000 to 300,000 yuan each, and the construction efficiency is only 60% of wheeled pile drivers)


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